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Become Your Dream Workbook

The book about dream building and loving your life was published in 2017 by award-winning author Heather F. Edgington to provide you with a real start on loving your life. 

The book, combined with its FREE companion Workbook is available from this website. Combined, they will get you moving towards discovering the dream within your heart and becoming the person who lives that dream.  


A Companion Online Course will be available in early 2018, covering each chapter in the book to maximize your self study.

Heather provides one-on-one and group coaching on this material when you are ready to Become Your Dream.

Become Your Dream

It's NEVER2LATE to Love Your Life

"Heather is the Dream Builder Coach that doubled my income by discovering my dream and going for it! Connect with Heather to find out what you love and find a way to make it happen. She is so wise and full of experience to guide you on your path to discover and reach your dream. This book will open your heart to allow you to become your long-awaited dream." 


Mike Schryer,
CEO, iInspire Inc., and Award-Winning Author. Hamilton, Canada

"Heather F Edgington, dream builder coach, brings many years of life experience and wisdom to help you find your dream and unleash the power to make it happen. She will equip you with tools, resources, skills that will make your journey to your dream faster and smoother. Thank you, Heather, for helping me in building my dream!"

Mandana Attarzadeh,
Women's Empowerment Coach, Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Toronto, Canada

Dream Builder Coach Heather F. Edgington is insightful, inspiring and practical. She will help you unearth your true desires and identify your passion. When you know, who you truly desire to be, she will assist you in finding a step-by-step path to get there.


Kelly C Laughton,
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Owner, Award-Winning Author, Speaker & Trainer,
Toronto, Canada


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